Green Private-Label Cleaning Products in Warwick, Rhode Island

Hands in yellow rubber gloves washing the tap - cleaning chemicals in Warwick, RI
At Spectral Inc., green cleaning chemicals have been a priority and they continue to be as the movement grows and transforms according to new challenges and information. Spectral continually seeks to reduce our environmental impact through the eco-friendly products that we manufacture.

Environmentally Conscious Products

A major role in creating a greener environment for our future is by creating and using environmentally preferable or “green” cleaning products. We need to transform the cleaning industry by eliminating toxic chemicals which may destroy our drinking water, our air quality and soil quality. We are making it our business to help with this transition by manufacturing industrial cleaning products which are not only environmentally preferable but work well and are pleasant to use.

Clear Day Products
In 2005 three chemists were awarded the Nobel prize for their contribution toward the process whereby new types of chemicals are derived from plant oils as opposed to petrochemicals. (metathesis technology) These chemicals are now referred to as Bio-based chemicals. This process is being applied to surfactants with amazing results. For example, novel surfactants are targeted to replace toxic petroleum solvents with superior detergency and improved solvency for better hard surface cleaners.
They are non-toxic, very low in irritation to the eyes and skin, and are a better performing, cost competitive renewable alternative to petrochemicals.
Spectral has been designing cleaners combining many of these biobased surfactants with other "Safer Choice” surfactants, to produce our “CLEAR DAY” line of cleaner/degreasers.

Clear Day cleaners are a series of cleaning products that meet EPA “safer choice” guide lines. Our Clear Day cleaning products obtain excellent results without the use of peroxide, optical brighteners, bleaches, enzymes or solvents. They are primarily derived from bio-based detergents. Many of these products are formulated as “ready to use” to insure proper concentrations for a particular application.

As the demand for environmentally friendly cleaner’s increases, Spectral has developed a series of cleaners/ detergents to meet this need. Utilizing the latest metathesis* technology, we are producing a series of bio-based cleaner/degreasers that outperform petroleum-based chemicals and solvents. At Spectral a test was designed to compare some of our older formulas, containing high alkaline builders and petroleum-based solvents, with these new surfactants derived from renewable biobased feed stock. (Palm kernel oil, soybean oil, canola oil, corn oil and citrus feed stock)

In a nut shell, there are petroleum based solvents and surfactants and there are bio-based solvents and surfactants. The bio-based in most cases are superior and non-toxic with minimal irritation of skin and eyes.

It should be noted that when many of these older, highly built, high pH formulas were designed, we did not have cell phones. As communications improved, so has the chemical industry. One of the latest advances is the development of the metathesis technology whereby new surfactant and solvent molecules have been designed to replace older procedures. This is the advent of bio-based surfactants derived from natural oils such as plants.

Butyl most commonly enters body through dermal absorption, inhalation or oral consumption. Absorption may carry other materials dissolved in butyl. Butyl is a category 2 irritant and severe eye irritant.
High pH, generally due to caustic soda or silicates, react with fats to form soap, in many cases your skin. That is why these chemicals are hard to flush off. They are severe irritants and can cause permanent damage to skin and eyes.


Benefits of Using Environmentally Conscious Products

• Improved ability to meet environmental goals
• Improved worker safety and health
• Reduced health and disposal costs

What is Environmentally Conscious?

Environmentally Conscious means “products or services that have a lesser or reduced effect on human health and the environment when compared with competing products or services that serve the same purpose.”

Our Green Pledge

We, at Spectral, care for the environment and have carefully designed and produced products that meet today's “green” standards. We have our own environmentally conscious symbol to denote these products. We also carry products that are registered EPA Safer Products.

Spectral is a member of CleanGredients. CleanGredients is the definitive database of chemical ingredients whose formulations have been pre-approved by the U.S. EPA to meet the criteria of their Safer Choice Standard.

Ingredients listed in CleanGredients have been verified by independent third-party experts to pass the stringent criteria of the EPA’s Safer Choice Standard, designed to safeguard human and environmental health.